As part of operator access to higher grades of cleanrooms, Operators must be able to prove they can routinely enter high grade area without putting it at risk from contamination from gowning.

We offer gowning assistance to enter an area, giving small groups of Operators guidance on how to put on a gown and minimising shedding and contamination. We also offer guidance on cleanroom behaviour; the dos and don’ts. Sanitisation of materials into cleanrooms also forms part of the training session ensuring Operators can successfully sanitise a piece of kit or consumable into the area successfully.

After a successful demonstration of putting on the cleanroom suit out with the area, Operators are then allowed to progress to the critical areas where they will be sampled using contact plates to detect any contamination caused from entering. Various points are sampled including finger dabs and then taken back to our laboratories for incubation. Full results are reported where a pass/fail result is achieved to determine suitability for access. Routine revalidation is captured after a set period of 3, 6 or 12 months.

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