An important aspect of the selection and evaluation of disinfectants is the disinfectant validation program. After a disinfectant has been chosen based on its chemical properties and expected performance/effectiveness, each disinfectant should be validated to ensure its efficacy.

Efficacy is demonstrated through performance testing to show that the disinfectant is capable of reducing the microbial bioburden in either suspension or from clean room surfaces to an acceptable level. The disinfectant efficacy validation provides documented evidence that the disinfectant demonstrates bactericidal, fungicidal and/or sporicidal activity necessary to control microbial contamination in the facility.

Basic suspension tests are generally performed by the manufacturer and we offer a more practical application in the form of a ‘surface test,’ where representative manufacturing surface samples are inoculated with a selection of microbial challenge organisms. A disinfectant is applied to the inoculated surface and exposed for a pre-determined contact time, after which the surviving organisms are recovered using a qualified disinfectant-neutralising broth and test method, e.g. contact plate.

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