We offer an on-site Environmental Monitoring service where our Operators access your areas for sampling. We include settle plate, contact plate, active air sampling and also particulate monitoring as part of our routine service. We also offer an incubate only service, with the assistance of our experienced cleanroom Operators, the client performs sampling and we pick up plates to take to our laboratories to incubate and report results. Monitoring equipment can be hired to client to perform sampling.

We can accommodate short notice requests and guarantee a quick turnaround of results. We realise how important the environment of your cleanroom is and if there is an issue with microbial  contamination then the results will be highlighted immediately.

Our two main Environmental Monitoring sampling conditions are ‘At-Rest’ and ‘In-Operation’.  ‘At-Rest’ should have no personnel present; this monitors the performance of the cleanroom and should be carried out at least once per month to identify any issues with cleanroom function. ‘In-Operation’ monitors the actual manufacturing process environment with a specified number of Operators present. This is an indication if personnel are introducing unacceptable levels of contamination that could affect the product being manufactured.

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